Weight Issues – When to weigh in and how often?

Today was weigh-in day… no gain or loss. I am slightly disappointed, I was hoping to see more of a result.

But then I did some reading (check this article for more info: weighing yourself) and I perhaps need to change my routine…

So this is how I am going to change my weigh-in routine:

1. I should be weighing myself in the morning – before eating or drinking anything. This morning, I drank a bottle of water and brekkie before touching the scale! Duh!
2. I should keep weighing in each week to monitor my success.
3. Since you can lose fat and gain muscle – I should measure my tummy, arms, legs etc with a tape measure to see the centimeters dropping.
4. Keep to weighing myself on the same scale – to keep it accurate.
5. Keep to the same amount of clothing – even though winter is coming (cue: Game of Thrones fans!) no weighing yourself with boots on!
6. Finally keep trudging on – no gain is just as much an achievement as losing more.

So Today’s Mantra is: Keep at it and keep sticking to your goals!


New Week, New Challenges. New Goals

Firstly, Yay for a mid week public holiday in SA 🙂

This past week was a weekend of balance, I did a cupcake decorating course which was such fun, and after eating a cupcake I did a run (p.s my time is improving with each run). I think in life everything comes with balance and moderation, if you are going to eat unhealthy then you either need to decide that you are happy with eating bad and seeing limited results or you need to work extra hard at exercise to compensate.

At the end of this week will be my first 8km run – its going to be fun, its a colour run check it out on facebook:  Hyde Park Colour Run

I am rather nervous for this 8km, even with all the training and running I have been doing I am in no shape to run the full 8km… so it will be a run/walk for me but I’m still very keen to see myself actually complete my first 8km, next goal is to actually complete a race (perhaps a 5km) where I run the entire distance… this might take me a while to get to this, but I am working on it and placing goals in front of me that are realistic. I truly believe it is all about working towards achieving my end goal of getting fit, happy and healthy.

In terms of eating, I grilled a bunch of chicken breasts yesterday and plan to eat grilled chicken and veggies this week for dinner, although I do have a friend’s birthday lunch planned for the public holiday and this will be my treat meal.

I have already been slowly cutting down on my portions already, I love my veggies so that’s never been my problem. Living with a boyfriend who is incredibly fit with a high metabolism means he eats a huge portion, and over time I realised I have been serving myself up the same size portion! so over the past few weeks, since I made the commitment to myself to get healthy, I have been controlling/watching my portions… and my next step on road to eating healthy is to watch the types of foods I consume in the evening… and limit carbs in the eve. I have a food journal which I am starting now, to watch what eat and manage it. I found this incredibly interesting as well, in terms of how you should structure your Meal Portions

So this week’s goals are:
1. Monday – rest day
2. Tuesday – weigh in (eek); and gym session after work
3. Wednesday – get a run in before birthday lunch
4. Thursday – last run before Saturday’s 8km
5. Friday – rest day
6. Saturday – the big day! 8km Colour Run (pics to follow after the race)
7. Sunday – rest day, with a huge happy face after completing my 8km goal 🙂

Have a happy week!

Back to Training Thursday

My calf is finally feeling better and so I am back to training today. I must admit the last few days I have been feeling pretty low, and disheartened. My mind is so ready for this change but my body just cant seem to accept the change.

I guess I am pretty hard on myself, I naturally am like this in all spheres of my life – I expect more from myself. It usually works, since I push myself to achieve my goals no matter how big they are – and have achieved most of them. But getting fit and healthy seem to be the only beasts that are taking me a while to adjust to.

So I am going to start off my gym routine slowly this eve and gradually get back into training mode. I am going to train in the gym this eve instead of a road run – I have a training partner and hopefully I will start to feel motivated. Sometimes you just need someone next you motivating you to “go girl go”; “you can do this”… I am going to try again, and well at least the most important thing is that I am going to the gym and not sitting at home thinking about going to the gym.

So I leave you with this quote; and something I will continue to repeat to myself today:

Healthy eating when you travel

What do you eat when you are stuck between an airport or hotel when you travel for work or holiday? In my case, I got up too early and missed breakfast at the hotel this morning… so now I am sitting at the airport faced with a conundrum – what to eat?

Yesterday when I arrived for work, I admit that I ate terribly the whole day… I missed breakfast, for lunch I had a small pack of biltong, an energy bar with a bottle of water. For dinner I had  few coctail snacks but when you are running around trying to organise the actual event it doesnt leave much time to eat well, so when I got back to the hotel with the restaurant closed, I ended up eating another energy bar and a cup of coffee…

So now sitting here waiting to catch the plane, and I am faced with the question – what the hell do I order?!

So I ended up with a yoghurt, coffee, and a large bottle of water…and when I get back to the office I can order a grilled chicken salad and be back on track. Its amazing that after 2 weeks of planning what I eat, packing breakfast and lunches, how dependent I am on a structure in terms of keeping to a healthy diet.

I do however need to plan how or what I am going to eat when I head off on holiday to Europe in a few months…. anyone with suggestions?

Setting the right expectations

I have to admit I went a bit crazy, get fit, health nut last week… I was really disappointed that on Friday when I set a workout challenge for myself- all I did was 6 arm machine workouts, plus some ab work, and not the super circuit which I had promised myself as well.

However when I jumped out of bed on saturday morning convinced I would make it up to myself by getting a good run/workout, I pulled a calf muscle, the pain has been excruciating.. imagine a cramp in your calf for 3 consecutive days.. where lying, standing or walking causes pain. Ouch!! So needless to say I didnt get a run in over the weekend. I felt like such a failure. And begged my body to work with me… all the same negative thoughts came rushing back that clearly this is not meant for me, give up now etc.

Until I put things into perspective… I have done a run 3 times, plus a heavy arm and ab workout in the space of 1 week. That is more than I’ve done all year! So perhaps maybe I need to give myself a break. My body is clearly gone into shock with all the workouts, and whilst I’m mentally ready for the change my body has gotten comfy and use to slothing… so it may take a bit more convincing and work.

So this week, while I still have pain in my calf I am going to set realistic achievable goals, and try not to be too hard on myself, at the end of the day, I have taken a while to get this way… and as long as I keep going in the right direction, things can only get better.

Training in the Gym

So a lot of my latest training has been on the road, running a few km’s but this evening I am gonna head to the gym.

Working out in the gym has its benefits too, especially in winter – since its a bit mizz and rainy outside I am so happy I packed a gym bag and will be heading to the gym to do a bit of a workout after work. Since I finish early on Friday (lucky me) it means that I can get a work out and be home by 6pm – so my weekend can start!

Since a lot of my focus has be running and using my legs – I plan to do the super (toning) circuit and then some equipment that will focus my arms.

The Super circuit is a great way to get an overall quick workout – you move around to each machine push yourself till the red light/ noise goes off and then do running up and down steps in the intervals between each machine.

For arm workouts I am going to use at least 6 different machines or weights and focus on biceps, triceps, shoulders etc. I usually try a weight that is hard enough that at the end of 12-15 reps I battle with the last two. I do 3 sets with a short break or stretch in between each.

Happy Fitness Friday, hope everyone has a great day, and weekend – I plan to get a workout/run in over the weekend as well… look at me getting all motivated, hope I inspire you to get fit, feel happy and eat healthy 🙂

The best music to listen to when you run

Today’s post is inspired by my run yesterday evening – I ran 1 minute 23 seconds quicker than the previous run I did on the same route – BOOM! That’s improvement! Which motivates me even more to carry on running 🙂

This got me thinking, everyone is different in terms of how and when they run, some prefer mornings to afternoons; to run with or without music, or music of different styles. I am someone who needs music when I run.

But what you listen to and how can you use music while you run can perhaps benefit you… well it does for me…This is what I do, because I am a beginner runner (cue: I am more like a jogger right now): I run for one song, walk fast for the next, run for the third song and so on… and then as I improve I will continue to run for each and every in between walk song too.

So what music do I listen to? I have always had an eclectic collection of music, I literally love most kinds of music and so music on my run shows this. Last nights run consisted of:
1. Kitten – Cut it out
2. David Guetta – Titanium
3. LL Cool J – Headsprung
4. Calvin Harris – Feel so close
5. Robyn – Dancing on my own
6. Busta Rhymes –  Ante up
7. Madcon – Beggin (seriously i love this song lately!)
8. DJ Unk – Walk it out (this is when the run is over and I am walking up the stairs back to my flat … like a gangsta!)

I have other artists in my run collection ranging from: Arcade Fire, Biggie, Coldplay, Dashboard Confessionals, The Script, Busta, LL Cool J, Taylor Swift (serious, this is me being super honest here!!), Jay Z, Kings of Leon, Temper Trap, Postal Service, Twista, even some classics like Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and JJ Cale… see, I listen to anything and everything… but its music that makes me happy and distracts me from the pain in my legs, motivates me to run faster, and feel happier.

So what do you listen to while you workout? Any songs you can recommend?