So why now?

If I’m honest it was finding out that I weighed more than my boyfriend. Although it was 1kg more than him and although he is a cyclist; marathon runner and general sport/exercise enthusiast. He could exercise everyday doing a cycle for 60km as a warm up…The fact is this simple truth hit home – I do not want to be the fat girlfriend!

So why now? My answer is why not now? I plan to be honest and true in my progress and in this journey. I don’t see it as being easy, but I can see a healthy happy fit future and look forward to meeting my new self.

I did another run/walk today not as far as yesterday but with so many hills I literally wanted to die. What I find helps is music, also my boyfriend runs ahead and it helps to focus on the music in my ears and watching his feet move ahead of me. I also tend to sing out random parts of the songs I’m listening to… seeing my boyfriend smile and chuckle makes me smile and chuckle and forget what I’m actually doing.

Todays motivational track was:



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