Toughen up Tuesday

Today I woke up stiff, not wanting to workout, and all the same old excuses came back in a flash. It all started when I weighed myself this morning, I lost weight but not a lot… so why carry on? why bother?

“You not losing to you might as well give up.”

That’s the negative in me talking… and so “Toughen up Tuesday” was created. I wont give up! It’s taken me a while to get this weight on… it will take a while to get it off.

Have a happy Tuesday, and if you are feeling like you are losing faith… rather try lose the weight. Don’t give up!


2 thoughts on “Toughen up Tuesday

  1. Shelagh says:

    You starting this journey makes me think back to when I started my own journey to a fitter, happier, healthier me. Andrew gave me three pieces of advice:

    1. Run at a pace that is comfortable for you, no matter how slow.
    2. If you can't talk you are pushing too hard.
    3. It is okay to walk.

    I used to worry so much about how slow I was running and what people running around me thought that I pushed so hard I hated every step. I really believe that because I took this advice on board I started to enjoy my running. And I have got faster! And I have stuck to an exercise program for the first time in my life!

    I admire that honest open way you are going about this, and if you ever need someone to slog up the hills with give me a shout!


  2. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement! I think I will incorporate your 3 tips into my training, off to run again this eve… whoever says JHB is flat – LIES! The hills, OMG. Looking forward to running the 8km with you in a few weeks. X


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