The best music to listen to when you run

Today’s post is inspired by my run yesterday evening – I ran 1 minute 23 seconds quicker than the previous run I did on the same route – BOOM! That’s improvement! Which motivates me even more to carry on running 🙂

This got me thinking, everyone is different in terms of how and when they run, some prefer mornings to afternoons; to run with or without music, or music of different styles. I am someone who needs music when I run.

But what you listen to and how can you use music while you run can perhaps benefit you… well it does for me…This is what I do, because I am a beginner runner (cue: I am more like a jogger right now): I run for one song, walk fast for the next, run for the third song and so on… and then as I improve I will continue to run for each and every in between walk song too.

So what music do I listen to? I have always had an eclectic collection of music, I literally love most kinds of music and so music on my run shows this. Last nights run consisted of:
1. Kitten – Cut it out
2. David Guetta – Titanium
3. LL Cool J – Headsprung
4. Calvin Harris – Feel so close
5. Robyn – Dancing on my own
6. Busta Rhymes –  Ante up
7. Madcon – Beggin (seriously i love this song lately!)
8. DJ Unk – Walk it out (this is when the run is over and I am walking up the stairs back to my flat … like a gangsta!)

I have other artists in my run collection ranging from: Arcade Fire, Biggie, Coldplay, Dashboard Confessionals, The Script, Busta, LL Cool J, Taylor Swift (serious, this is me being super honest here!!), Jay Z, Kings of Leon, Temper Trap, Postal Service, Twista, even some classics like Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and JJ Cale… see, I listen to anything and everything… but its music that makes me happy and distracts me from the pain in my legs, motivates me to run faster, and feel happier.

So what do you listen to while you workout? Any songs you can recommend?


2 thoughts on “The best music to listen to when you run

  1. momsy says:

    Hey Megs: i like to listen to music while i am at the gym….walking on the treadmill, cycling or working on machines. it does make the time go quickier and lifts your spirit:) i like all types of music….r&b,rock,jazz,pop…even some country…


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