Training in the Gym

So a lot of my latest training has been on the road, running a few km’s but this evening I am gonna head to the gym.

Working out in the gym has its benefits too, especially in winter – since its a bit mizz and rainy outside I am so happy I packed a gym bag and will be heading to the gym to do a bit of a workout after work. Since I finish early on Friday (lucky me) it means that I can get a work out and be home by 6pm – so my weekend can start!

Since a lot of my focus has be running and using my legs – I plan to do the super (toning) circuit and then some equipment that will focus my arms.

The Super circuit is a great way to get an overall quick workout – you move around to each machine push yourself till the red light/ noise goes off and then do running up and down steps in the intervals between each machine.

For arm workouts I am going to use at least 6 different machines or weights and focus on biceps, triceps, shoulders etc. I usually try a weight that is hard enough that at the end of 12-15 reps I battle with the last two. I do 3 sets with a short break or stretch in between each.

Happy Fitness Friday, hope everyone has a great day, and weekend – I plan to get a workout/run in over the weekend as well… look at me getting all motivated, hope I inspire you to get fit, feel happy and eat healthy 🙂


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