Setting the right expectations

I have to admit I went a bit crazy, get fit, health nut last week… I was really disappointed that on Friday when I set a workout challenge for myself- all I did was 6 arm machine workouts, plus some ab work, and not the super circuit which I had promised myself as well.

However when I jumped out of bed on saturday morning convinced I would make it up to myself by getting a good run/workout, I pulled a calf muscle, the pain has been excruciating.. imagine a cramp in your calf for 3 consecutive days.. where lying, standing or walking causes pain. Ouch!! So needless to say I didnt get a run in over the weekend. I felt like such a failure. And begged my body to work with me… all the same negative thoughts came rushing back that clearly this is not meant for me, give up now etc.

Until I put things into perspective… I have done a run 3 times, plus a heavy arm and ab workout in the space of 1 week. That is more than I’ve done all year! So perhaps maybe I need to give myself a break. My body is clearly gone into shock with all the workouts, and whilst I’m mentally ready for the change my body has gotten comfy and use to slothing… so it may take a bit more convincing and work.

So this week, while I still have pain in my calf I am going to set realistic achievable goals, and try not to be too hard on myself, at the end of the day, I have taken a while to get this way… and as long as I keep going in the right direction, things can only get better.


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