Healthy eating when you travel

What do you eat when you are stuck between an airport or hotel when you travel for work or holiday? In my case, I got up too early and missed breakfast at the hotel this morning… so now I am sitting at the airport faced with a conundrum – what to eat?

Yesterday when I arrived for work, I admit that I ate terribly the whole day… I missed breakfast, for lunch I had a small pack of biltong, an energy bar with a bottle of water. For dinner I had  few coctail snacks but when you are running around trying to organise the actual event it doesnt leave much time to eat well, so when I got back to the hotel with the restaurant closed, I ended up eating another energy bar and a cup of coffee…

So now sitting here waiting to catch the plane, and I am faced with the question – what the hell do I order?!

So I ended up with a yoghurt, coffee, and a large bottle of water…and when I get back to the office I can order a grilled chicken salad and be back on track. Its amazing that after 2 weeks of planning what I eat, packing breakfast and lunches, how dependent I am on a structure in terms of keeping to a healthy diet.

I do however need to plan how or what I am going to eat when I head off on holiday to Europe in a few months…. anyone with suggestions?


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