Back to Training Thursday

My calf is finally feeling better and so I am back to training today. I must admit the last few days I have been feeling pretty low, and disheartened. My mind is so ready for this change but my body just cant seem to accept the change.

I guess I am pretty hard on myself, I naturally am like this in all spheres of my life – I expect more from myself. It usually works, since I push myself to achieve my goals no matter how big they are – and have achieved most of them. But getting fit and healthy seem to be the only beasts that are taking me a while to adjust to.

So I am going to start off my gym routine slowly this eve and gradually get back into training mode. I am going to train in the gym this eve instead of a road run – I have a training partner and hopefully I will start to feel motivated. Sometimes you just need someone next you motivating you to “go girl go”; “you can do this”… I am going to try again, and well at least the most important thing is that I am going to the gym and not sitting at home thinking about going to the gym.

So I leave you with this quote; and something I will continue to repeat to myself today:


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