New Week, New Challenges. New Goals

Firstly, Yay for a mid week public holiday in SA šŸ™‚

This past week was a weekend of balance, I did a cupcake decorating course which was such fun, and after eating a cupcake I did a run (p.s my time is improving with each run). I think in life everything comes with balance and moderation, if you are going to eat unhealthy then you either need to decide that you are happy with eating bad and seeing limited results or you need to work extra hard at exercise to compensate.

At the end of this week will be my first 8km run – its going to be fun, its a colour run check it out on facebook: Ā Hyde Park Colour Run

I am rather nervous forĀ thisĀ 8km, even with allĀ theĀ training and running I have been doing I am in no shape to run the full 8km… so it will be a run/walk for me but I’m still very keen to see myself actually complete my first 8km, next goal is to actually complete a race (perhaps a 5km) where I run the entire distance… this might take me a while to get to this, but I am working on it and placing goals in front of me that are realistic. I truly believe it is all about working towards achieving my end goal of getting fit, happy and healthy.

In terms of eating, I grilled a bunch of chicken breasts yesterday and plan to eat grilled chicken and veggies this week for dinner, although I do have a friend’s birthday lunch planned for the public holiday and this will be my treat meal.

I have already been slowly cutting down on my portions already, I love my veggies so that’s never been my problem. Living with a boyfriend who is incredibly fit with a high metabolism means he eats a huge portion, and over time I realised I have beenĀ servingĀ myself upĀ theĀ same size portion! so over the past few weeks, since I made the commitment to myself to get healthy, I have been controlling/watching my portions… and my next step on road to eating healthy is to watch the types of foods I consume in the evening… and limit carbs in the eve. I have a food journal which I am starting now, to watch what eat and manage it. I found this incredibly interesting as well, in terms of how you should structure yourĀ Meal Portions

So this week’s goals are:
1. Monday – rest day
2. Tuesday – weigh in (eek); and gym session after work
3. Wednesday – get a run in before birthday lunch
4. Thursday – last run before Saturday’s 8km
5. Friday – rest day
6. Saturday – the big day! 8km Colour Run (pics to follow after the race)
7. Sunday – rest day, with a huge happy face after completing my 8km goal šŸ™‚

Have a happy week!


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