Weight Issues – When to weigh in and how often?

Today was weigh-in day… no gain or loss. I am slightly disappointed, I was hoping to see more of a result.

But then I did some reading (check this article for more info: weighing yourself) and I perhaps need to change my routine…

So this is how I am going to change my weigh-in routine:

1. I should be weighing myself in the morning – before eating or drinking anything. This morning, I drank a bottle of water and brekkie before touching the scale! Duh!
2. I should keep weighing in each week to monitor my success.
3. Since you can lose fat and gain muscle – I should measure my tummy, arms, legs etc with a tape measure to see the centimeters dropping.
4. Keep to weighing myself on the same scale – to keep it accurate.
5. Keep to the same amount of clothing – even though winter is coming (cue: Game of Thrones fans!) no weighing yourself with boots on!
6. Finally keep trudging on – no gain is just as much an achievement as losing more.

So Today’s Mantra is: Keep at it and keep sticking to your goals!


One thought on “Weight Issues – When to weigh in and how often?

  1. mom says:

    hey megs…..don't weigh yourself too much in the beginning cos' you will be expecting the weight to just fall off and you are working on building muscle so it won't show a dramatic change. well this is what i think. it is a l o n g haul in the beginning because your body is not use to this, but keep at it girl. you can do it!! and soon you will start to feel and look awesome. to match your personality:)


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