First Race – DONE!

Last weekend, was my first either running race, I ran an 8 km and happy to say I didn’t die in the process. I was so chuffed with my time coming, in, since I such a beginner I beat the time I set myself by 6 minutes!! The first half I did really, well – the second half of the race was predominantly hills so I slowed down a lot. Here’s my first ever race number:

A tip I was given on the day to running up hills is to shorten your steps/stride to conserve energy, I tried this and quite honestly – hills are still hard and I think I need more practice.

Anyways, as mentioned in a previous post, it was a colour run of about 1000 runners and the idea was at certain intervals we were splattered with paint and coloured powder – so at the end we all looked like a tie-dye mess. I was a good race to start off with and I have already planned a few more races that i am going to sign up for.

The next happens every month up here in JHB, its called the zoo trot. Its a 5/10/15 km race and if you run it in 3 consecutive months you get a medal (I’m all about getting a medal so I am going to do the next 3 races, starting with next weekend. To see more info about this; check out this link: JHB Zoo Calendar 2013

These races will all be in preparation for my first ever 15 km race which is happening on the 6th of July; check it out if you are interested in joining me: irene runner

So, yes, let the racing challenge begin! Achieving goals, one goal at a time


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