Meal Portions

On top of exercise and training to get fit, you need to also watch what you eat… I have a bit of sweet tooth, so its a bit of a battle for me to curb the cravings…

I found this on pinterest and found it quite interesting… its a pretty cool guideline of how you should be eating and what to be eating throughout the day:
Not entirely sure about the about of carbs/starch is correct… perhaps so health nuts out there can shed some light?
Things I have done to change the way I eat:
1. I drink 500ml of water on the way to work.
2. Breakfast at 8am: when I get to work I have a bran muffin (with raisins and seeds – yummy healthy bran muffins) – although with winter coming I think I will switch this to porridge or oats – something warm and yummy; 
3. At 9am: 1st cup of coffee, and I have a piece of fruit (usually a banana, apple or at the moment a naartjie)
5. At about 10am:  I have a small tub of yoghurt.
6. At 11am: I have my second cuppa coffee; followed by another 500ml of water – drink the water slowly till about 12:30.
7.  Lunch at 1pm: this is usually a small portion of left over dinner from the night before.
8. At 2pm: I have my next 500ml water… which I sip till about 3pm
9. Afternoon snacks (3 – 4pm): If I know I am running I will eat an afternoon snack of something like nuts, biltong, pretzels. And if I am craving something sweet I eat another piece of fruit. I
10. As I drive home at 5pm I drink my last 500ml of water.. 2 litres DONE!
11. Dinner: I try  make it early, its sometimes not easy to do with working late or my boyfriend comes home late… we usually eat anywhere between 6pm – 7:30pm. Dinner is usually chicken something (stir-fry without pasta, basil pesto pasta, grilled chicken etc) with veggies (salad, roast veggies etc). 
Other things I do in terms of eating:
– I limit the amount of coffee I drink to only two cups a day – with a bit of 2% milk and sweetner.
– My portion at dinner and lunch has changed considerably, whatever I serve up for my boyfriend I try half that portion for myself.
– I limit amount of alcohol; try to not drink during the week, as I have gotten older I actually don’t really have a taste for alcohol and I am often happy with just a glass or two a week.
– Finally, if I am craving chocolate I have to actually go and buy it – we don’t keep it in the house (too tempting) but I also don’t feel guilty about it if I do actually have some chocolate every now and then.
Perhaps my way is not the best, and in time I will change and adapt it, and research more about the best types of food to eat and when and what etc, but right now this is a HUGE improvement to what I was doing before. Previously I ate no breakfast, loads of coffee with sugar, usually skipped lunch and ate a huge dinner because by then I was starving… and usually not a lot of water.. so these small changes are a great start, for me. Perhaps it works differently for you. Focus on what works for you, make small changes that are realistic and achievable and slowly see the results.

2 thoughts on “Meal Portions

  1. mom says:

    yes i also wondered about the portions for starch/carbs. i think it is too high and should be decreased with the protein portions increased


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