Happy Monday!

Last night, I went to be early – I was exhausted, plus with cold weather – my bed is the warmest place to be!

Needless to say I was asleep by 8:30pm – which is ridiculously early but I really feel like a whole new person today – I felt more alert and not such a grump when i got up this morning, I even pack a gym bag and got to work early!

Which got me thinking – Is sleep linked to weight loss… some interesting stats came out when I started reading up about this…

OK so in my perfect world if I slept all day and got myself skinny I would quit my day job and sleep all day – I have always loved my sleep and so this would be a win win in my books.

Although there are benefits to getting enough Zzzzz’s, sleep alone wont make you skinny. It will however get you more rested and, with more rest you will have more energy to actually get moving and motivated to work out…

I am and most probably always be one of those people that if I don’t get 8 hours of sleep a night I am a wreck the next day. I personally feel that during winter this is even more essential for my motivation to work out the following day – more sleep equals more hours in the gym (for me that is)..

So its a Happy Monday because I feel so rested 🙂 Enjoy your week – and stay motivated!

Better sleep
Sleep away those pounds
The Sleep Doctor


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