The Johannesburg Zoo Trot – 5km run!

I did the Johannesburg Zoo trot 5km yesterday morning. I twas a bitterly cold 3 degrees (C) outside when we started the race.

It costs R40 to enter;  registration is from 7 am and race starts at 7:30 am. It is a mix between avid runners, first time runners, walkers and families… it was a nice crowd and was easy enough to run.
(*Note it cost R10 for parking – which is an important cost to consider if you are not taking your wallet!).

I’ll admit that after my 8km colour run 2 weeks ago I did no training whats so ever but still managed to beat my time by 1 minute at teh zoo trot. Not to say that I advise people to do that, EVER.

Because of the cold weather I found it hard to keep my breathing consistent which meant I battled to control my pace as well… I really do believe had I trained more, I would have done an even better time.

Regardless of all of the negatives, the positives I take away from this is:
1. I got up at 6am for a 5km race I knew I was unprepared for!
2. It was 3 degrees (C) outside and I still did it!
3. I beat my time – 1 minute less is still a win!

Next Zoo 5/10km is on the 9th of June – hope to see you guys and girls there! After 3 races you get a medal (That is what I am after!)


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