Working it out – Ab crunching time!

So I have had a lot going on at the moment, its the normal story really – I am battling to get to the gym! I have never been able to get up early and workout, I love my sleep too much! I much prefer to work out in the afternoons – work up a bit of a sweat and get myself exhausted so I get a good nights sleep.

Lately, stuff just seems to crop up causing me to miss out on my workouts: late afternoon appointments; grocery shopping; winter so its getting dark quick! So I am going to try a alternative approach for the days I just can’t get a run in or a visit to the gym – workouts at home!

I have two small weights (I think 2.5 kg); a skipping rope; and walls and floors – YEAH! So for this post I am focusing on ABS.

I have a routine of ab workouts that literally can be done anywhere; try some of these and let me know what you think (see the pics to help explain them better!):

1. Plank: Lying on your tummy lift yourself up on your elbows and legs spaced apart in line with your shoulders. Hold for 20 seconds.

2. Arm out Plank: Same as above but hold out one arm. Hold for 10 seconds on each side.
3. Regular Crunches: Stretch your arms out and touch your knees – and crunch. Do 20 of these.
4. Side Crunches: With your arms behind your head, tilt your body and get your right elbow touching your left knee; and rotate. Do 20 of these.
5. Bicycle Crunches: With your legs in the air; your arms behind your head, tilt your body and get your right elbow touching your left knee – keeping your right knee straight in the air; and rotate. Do 20 of these.
6. Reverse Crunches: Your legs in the air and back on the floor; left your legs so your bum is raised from the floor in pulses. You can even hold a weight in between your shoes. Do 20 of these.
7. Mountain climbers (my old trainer’s favourites!) GI Jane this is for you! In a push up stance; arms spaced apart, bring your one leg up to arms, and then back and then other leg up to arms and back (as if you are climbing but in a stationary position). Do 20 of these.
8. Butterfly crunches: Legs straight up in the air, back and shoulders on the floor; holding a small weight in both hands bring you arms up. Do 20 of these.
9. Scissors: Legs lifted off the ground; spread out legs and then bring together, crossing over in a scissor motion. Do 20 of these.
10. Alternate crunches: Lie flat on the ground with raised arms above your head and raise your legs. Hold for 20 seconds.
Try do all of these; times 3 sets. And you are on your way to some great looking abs!

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