I have created a BEAST in this blog

So Yesterday I said I was off to the gym to do some cardio. However, yesterday morning everything went crazy: the maid was late and I was worried about being late for work that I forgot my gym kit at home. For those of you who don’t know.. I work above my gym! ARGH! Then I had to pick up my boyfriend from work in the afternoon and I was faced with this conundrum… what do I do about going to gym???

You see I have committed myself to being honest on this blog and I literally felt like I was a big fat liar for saying I was going to the gym and then ending up not… I felt like a fake. My boyfriend on the other hand, just didn’t get it! “Just switch your sessions around”, “do a run – that’s still cardio”… and so on. But the simple truth is that what this showed (besides how nuts I really am to get worked up about a blog post)  – it shows that I am committed. I am completely ready to work out and the that I actually got upset about not going to gym is something I have NEVER experienced.Regardless, I did a run – my first full loop (its a bit over 2 km) without walking – I ran the whole way! Which is a first! Determined to make it up to myself and to all of you reading!

Today I have my gym bag, at work, and ready to do the cardio I committed to doing yesterday – Bring it on Thursday I am ready for anything today – and nothing can stop me from reaching my goals!

So yes, the BEAST in this blog is pushing me towards my fit, happy healthy future! Have a Fab day – and thanks for motivating me to sticking to my goals!


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