Bizarre side effects when you run or work out

I have noticed some bizarre symptoms since I have started running and training really hard, so I did some reading up on this and found that although weird, it is normal – alot of people experience the same thing. Let me know if you have some of these issues too?

1. Whilst working out on the treadmill, your feet go numb. When working out, the combo of your body temp and the constant stomping around causes your feet to swell. Also if you wear thick socks, your shoes are tied too tight or are too small for you – you’ll end up cutting off circulation.

2. You start running and your nose starts running too. This really I found interesting, its called exercise induced rhinitis, but this should stop you from exercising – it happens to a lot of people. Exercise outdoors could trigger this, especially in cold weather, or you could be like me, who is prone to allergies that can produce these symptoms. Try using a nasal spray, or carry tissues with you if it gets unbearable.

3. After a workout, you start coughing. I get this a lot, it feels like a tickle coming straight from my lungs causing me to cough for a few hours post work out. This could be caused by a heavy workout, which caused heavy breathing which dries and cools your airways. It is also related to allergies and sometimes linked to people who experience a runny nose as well.

4. When doing planks, or an ab workout, your legs or arms starts shaking or your body trembles.  this is completely normal and is a sign of your muscles working hard – they are also not use to working hard, so give them time to get use to working out! Once your muscles become stronger, the actions will become smoother and the trembling will stop.

5. When running your legs start cramping. This is a biggie for me, ever since I started running, I would get half way through a run and my legs would cramp up, making it almost unbearable to even walk. Once after a work out the cramping didn’t go away for almost a full week! what i have found through research and also just my own personal progress is that a few things can result in leg/calf cramps:
– you need to hydrate yourself, cramps are often because you are dehydrated, so drink plenty of water.
– you are not eating properly, skipping meals, not eating the right about of carbs and proteins can cause     cramps
– you need to take time to stretch before and after your run, so you stretch your muscles out.

You need to also remember that if you are a beginner like me, your body is in shock – its like screaming in all areas going “what the hell are we doing off the couch” you have to push through this part, and once you and your body get into a routine of eating well, and exercising hard your body will slowly adapt to what your mind and heart want – which is to be happy, healthy and fit – loving life!

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