Its been 10 days since my last confession…

Its been awhile since I last posted, I have been doing a lot of research and reading up on how to get this amazingly fabulous body looking even more amazing and fabulous… not to mention how to get my thoughts and feelings happy and healthy too.

My plan was to post last week, but I was then off to Cape Town for work and for some reason I couldn’t get my posts out over my tablet. I stayed at a beautiful place in camps bay and got a good run in along the paving along the beach… I have always claimed I am not a beach girl, but running next to the beach – it cant be beaten! Was amazing and I improved my time considerably – I think due to my beautiful surroundings. 
Then the whole world seemed to turn against me. I worked an event in Cape Town, so whole of Thursday to Sunday including evenings I worked flat out – I had no time to work out or get another run in. I lost my phone after dinner with work colleagues after I got into a cab I think my phone fell out of my jacket pocket. That was really the cherry on the top. It felt like no matter what I tried to do EVERYTHING was against me. Then I got back to Jozi on Monday, straight into meetings at work, then ran around getting my sim swopped and borrowed a friends old cell… all the admin and drama!
Needless to say my diet, exercise and mental health regime has gone right out the window. I feel so unmotivated, almost like “what is the point”? How could I have thought that one tiny blog and writing down my feelings could make me feel better, could make me stick to my goals??
And that’s when I realised the truth. If I am going to let negative energy consume me, then negative consequences are sure to follow. So tomorrow I start again. I get back on track and I start again. I do not, will not, GIVE UP on ME!

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