Learning to be Happy

I have said this before but this blog has really inspired me to look deep within myself and to try my very best to reaching my goals. One of my goals is to get happy, I generally am a happy person, but what I have realised is that I sometimes tend to focus on all the negative around me, without trying to be positive, thus resulting in my lack of happiness.

Like Oprah would say, “The secret is in Positive Thinking”. The power of positive thinking is overwhelming actually. The more you feel sad the more you start thinking the whole world is about to end. So if you learn to change the way you think, you can change the way you feel. I found these ideas online, some are just plain unrealistic, let me know what you think:

1. Repeat a peaceful, calming word whilst sitting quietly somewhere . Close your eyes and cast away negative thoughts, focusing only on repeating the word and your breathing. Meditation has some great benefits, making time for it is another thing all together. I find doing this in the shower sometimes helps to clear my head. It is also a great start to your day once you have calmed yourself and gets you ready for the day ahead.

2. Have a daily happy hour. This one got me excited, I thought of a glass of wine, or half priced cocktails, YAY! But what this really is referring to is devote time in your day to think about your life in a positive way, all the things you have enjoyed about your life, and all the things you plan to enjoy in your future. I still think this one can be done with a glass of wine in hand. Low kilojoule wine, of course.

3. Swap negative thinking to positive. The minute you catch yourself going into a negative space, ask yourself if its really true, do you believe it to be true, is there another way of looking at this? The problem I have with this is that I generally get so caught up in the moment, that I can’t really see reason, or think of something positive. So this, for me, is perhaps where I need to work on the most.

4. Watch what you say. This is what I do often, I mask my negative thoughts (generally about myself) under the guise of humour. Putting myself down in humour, makes everyone laugh except deep down makes me feel really sad. What you say is what your unconscious mind hears and builds a negative mindset. The key here is to think about your responses to regular questions (i.e how are you? how is work?) and finding an answer that is positive.


One thought on “Learning to be Happy

  1. mom says:

    I also think being around negative people can bring one down and before you know it you are always feeling and thinking negatives thoughts


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