Dieting to lose weight

Everything in moderation, that’s why my mum has always said. I have come from a family where my mum has always cooked and prepared healthy meals, we never really had sweets or junk food in the house, and if we did it was generally because my mum had baked (she is a great baker) but even then we were taught self control and always had to ask if we could eat something sweet.

I have always had a sweet tooth, my cravings get really bad sometimes, but I am learning to try control these urges. I realise now that all the work I put in at the gym is for a goal of getting fit and healthy, and my diet needs to be a part of this too.

So how can you “diet” or moderate your eating? Here are some ideas:

1. Plan ahead, plan your shopping list and stick to it! Get into the store and out without buying things that weren’t on your list in the first place.
2. Be disciplined. You need to make real changes to change your habits and behaviours. To do this you need will power and determination, however if you fail, “keep calm and carry on”.

3. Portion control, watch how much you dish up, try keep it small.
4. Create an environment for success. Keep chips and sweets out of your house and you wont be so tempted to dive into them.

5. Limit booze. Eish. This one is hard, red wine was made for winter.
6. Don’t skip meals. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Get into a routine and stick to it.
7. Limit caffeine. Don’t drink kilojoules, instead of coffee and regular tea drink rooibos or green tea. I honestly hate both so I’d rather skip it all together!
8. Drink lots of water!!!
9. Don’t add salt. This is a toughy for me – more stats and facts to follow on the impact of salt in your diet in another post!
10. Keep a food journal. Ok, I have tried this, but who has time. The benefit of writing down what you eat is then its on paper and you can go back and track what you eat.
11. Get friends on board and join you on your healthy eating journey!
12. Sit, relax and savour the flavour. if you eat slower you can enjoy every bite! 


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