Perfecting the lunge

When I was in high school the word “lunge” was referred to as kissing a guy/girl.. pulling them close for a smooch – i.e lunging. Unfortunately, this is not what I am referring to.

Lunges can be done anywhere and the effects can be seen in no time, in the form of shapely, toned legs and butt. If you’re planning on incorporating lunges into your routine, however, make sure you’re not doing more harm than good.

It is essential to learn how to do a perfect lunge, once you have perfected this, you can really master all forms of lunges (the exercise I mean),  you also don’t put unwanted strain on your joints. Here’s how to perfect your form.
First off, stand tall with your feet facing forward and together and your weight in the middle of your feet. Put your arms straight at your sides and then bend your elbows and put your hands on your hips. Make sure your head is centered and you’re not putting any strain on your neck. Focus on a point in directly in front of you if that helps. This is your starting position. Now you are ready to lunge.
1. Choose one leg and step forward about one to two feet. (The taller you are, the further forward you should go, but don’t go so far that you feel you are going to fall over.)
2. Begin bending your front knee until it is over the top of the foot. Never extend it beyond the toes.
3. As you bend this knee, lift the heel of the opposite leg. The knee will be forced to bend as you lunge down.
4. Stop when both knees are at a 90 degree angle with the floor.
5. Shift all of your weight to the balls of your feet, concentrating on your toes. (If you need to step forward more to make this happen without leaning that’s fine.)
6. Finally, pull your body back up to the starting position.
You can either leave your foot extended forward and repeat the exercise again or switch to the other leg. Repeating it several times on the same leg is the usual practice. Just make sure to use your muscles, not momentum.
Remember to breathe when you lunge. Holding your breath during the exercise will only make it harder and reduce the effectiveness. Exhale as you lunge down and inhale when you come back up.

Once you have perfected the standard forward/backward lunges, you can add this twist to the side and incorporate weights to further work on strengthening your core with lunges:

One thought on “Perfecting the lunge

  1. Mom x says:

    I have found doing lunges has helped me with my balance too. When i first started doing them i kept losing me balance and found it hard to do them without 'wobbling' now i can easily 'walk' doing lunges


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