Running my first 10km race

So this is a bit late but last Saturday (7th July) I ran my first 10 km road race at the Pirates 10km. I have previously done a 5 km Zoo trot; and an 8 km colour run. So this was my furthest distance. To think this time last year I was concerned I wasn’t going to be able to manage walking 8 km on the Discovery Walk the Talk. And now I am running 10 km running races! I am completely impressed with myself – something I rarely do is compliment myself, but for this, I think I deserve a pat on my back. It was also the first race I have entered that meant I got a medal!

To be completely transparent, here are my times:
 – For my 8 km race (4 May) I did it in 1hr17min
 – For my 10 km race (7 July) I did it in 1hr22min

These are not the fastest speeds, and compared to others its more like a fast walk pace BUT if you look at the above and realise that it took me 5 minutes more to do an additional 2 km and with in only 2 months of training, so you can see I am improving.

For anyone interested, these are the next races I am set to do – book them in your diary and join me:
– 14th July: Zoo Trot 5km
– 25th August: Wanderers10km
– 31st August (doing this for charity with work): Spars Ladies 5km
– 15th September (my 3rd race for zoo trot which means I get a medal!): Zoo Trot 10km

Right, half way through 2013 – and on our way to getting bikini ready for summer 2014!


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