Squat till ya hot!

OK so you all know I have being trying to master my form in terms of squats. They burn, they hurt but they work! But stop complaining and grumbling and get it DONE, starting NOW!
Here are some variations you can do with a squat:
1. Deadlift Squats: Using weights drop into a squat; and pull up, tightening bum muscles and raising arms to chest level.
2. Side Squats:  Stepping to the side and squat, alternate between legs/sides.

3. Jumping Squats: Standard squat and jump back up to standing position.

4. Pilate Squat: With legs wide, squat, pointing knees out.

5. Curtsy Squat: From standing position, take one leg back and behind front leg in a curtsy fashion and squat. Alternate legs.

Hope you feel the burn and get that booty tight and firmed up! Work it!


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