Exercising when you are sick – a good or a bad idea?

Sorry I have been super quiet – a month since I last wrote a confession/post! I went on holiday – it was blissful! I went overseas to where there was sunshine and sweet summer vibes…

Although I didn’t do much in the way of exercise, I tried to watch what I ate, and walked everywhere! On some days we walked over 5km to amazing places! Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you are walking from place to place, then walking up stairs of old, historic, beautiful towers etc, it gets pretty tiring. One day we walked up 5 towers in one day with each having over 200 odd steps and I felt like I was working out!

Regardless, after a nice relaxing holiday my body is telling me its ready to get back into a routine of working out, getting back on track and reaching my goals. And then I got sick. Freaking unreal right?! I am so irritated. The big plan was, I arrived back on Tuesday arvie, and to go for a run this weekend, so give myself a few days break to get back into work and being at home etc, and my body goes and says no actually we are gonna get sick!?

So I did a bit of research – how bad is it to workout when you are feeling sick. The good news is that  I am starting to feel a lot better, I have a cold and runny nose but the sinus pain is going away slowly.. so I am improving. But can you workout when you are sick?

Most research comes back saying that you know your body better than anyone else, and it depends what illness you have. If you have bronchitis and cant breathe, then naturally, you aren’t going to want to run about. but if you just have a bit of sniffly nose and you don’t feel so sick, then working out is OK. Like the saying goes: “everything in moderation”, you might not be able to manage very strenuous activities or your usual pace but a little bit of a workout is perfectly fine.

Another thing to consider is if your sickness is contagious, then going to the gym and infecting others might not be the best idea.. Be careful to wipe down equipment after use. I personally think I will stay clear of a gym, and run outside and work out at home until I feel completely better.

With 4 races planned over the next month or so, starting next weekend, I need to get back into a running routine, so that I am ready for my races! Can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth, to think a year ago the flu meant I could stay on the couch guilt-free. Now its the last thing I  feel like doing, I am keen to get my running shoes on and hit the road!


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