How did I do it?

I have had a few people commenting that they can see I have lost weight (yay, keep those comments coming!) and that they want to get involved in working out with me or they want to know how I have done it. “But seriously, were you a runner before?” is what alot of people have said.

The truth is No, I was not a runner before this year. In fact I didn’t like working out at all, I use to tell people it was just not my thing.

I started this journey in April this year (2013). I finally hit breaking point when I realised I was heavier than my boyfriend. I also just felt incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin. I have always had a negative perception about my body, largely because of what other people have told me. I used to consume their words and let it fester inside of me, but I never did anything about which made it all worse for my self perceptions and my confidence. Doing something like working out or dieting was admitting that they were right and I was stubborn. So this year, after reaching breaking point for myself, I decided to do this for me, and for once in my life not to think about what other people thought about my body. The moment I made that decision and committed myself to changing, things started improving.

My confidence rose, I feel stronger emotionally and physically, I felt empowered and now I truly believe I am on a better path. One where I am in control and I decide what my life holds in the future by the actions I take now. I don’t care what people think or say about me and my body and what I choose to do with itΒ  – it is not for others to have an opinion about me and my life. The minute I took control and let go of the negative thinking, losing the weight became easier. I am far from over in my journey and not nearly near ready to wear a bikini (that’s my goal for December) but I am working towards it and I am proud of how far I have come and what I have achieved so far.

I stopped weighing myself every week, in fact I have stopped weighing myself entirely. I don’t care what the scale says. Personally looking at the scale and seeing a number made me self-hate myself and stalled my progress.

I haven’t changed my eating habits drastically so that I’m starving myself. I look for healthier options, but if I feel like pizza I don’t beat myself up with guilt afterwards. I own my decisions, as they are after – all mine.

I work out, and when I do, I give it my all, I give 110%. I enjoy running, so I have signed up for running races. I book them in advance so that I pay the money and commit to doing them before I have time to back out of it. Once I know I have spent the money I am not about to waste it. But I don’t just run – although running has really helped me personally. I do weights, arm workouts, leg workouts, ab routines, I workout at home, I workout at gym, I do the toning circuit, or other cardio equipment like cycling, stepping machine, cross trainer. I mix my workouts up.

I don’t stick to one type of exercise, because then I get bored. And if I don’t feel like working out, I either push myself to go, get my boyfriend to push me to go, and if I still don’t feel like going I don’t beat myself up about it. I forgive myself and start again the next day.

So that’s how I have gotten to where I am now. If the only bit of advice you take from this post, and my blog as a whole its that you are in control, you make the decisions in your life. Once you commit to a goal, work towards it, and if you fall behind, pick yourself up and start again. Most importantly believe in yourself.


2 thoughts on “How did I do it?

  1. Nats, its totally inside of you… in the beginning you start off slow but if you believe in yourself and keep pushing it starts becoming a reality. My mum says that this shouldn't just be about weight issues – its everything you do in life. She is so right! The minute you set your mind on a path to attain any goal you choose, you will get there. Change takes time, its all a journey! xx


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