Making a mountain, an even bigger mountain

Yesterday was a bad day. Like seriously. I had committed to doing a new run route in my area – an 8km trot up a very steep hill to our local water tower and back. It was meant to be a tester and a future route for me to practice running up hills. It ended up being a nightmare, my worst run ever.

Less than 2km in I started getting severe calf and shin cramps. I know I am unfit but this was a ridiculous pain, where it feels that I was literally tearing out my muscles in both my legs. The pain was almost unbearable to stand, let alone walk. If I stood on one leg and alleviated pressure on the other leg, the pain subsided on that leg. I decided to push on and walked slowly up the hill, hoping the pain would decrease. I found that on steep portions of the route it hurt the most, and on flatter parts the pain decreased but it was still there the whole way up the hill.

Needless to say by the time I got to the top I was seriously over it all and actually would have killed to be picked up and carried back home to my couch. Grumpy was nothing compared to how I was feeling. I was angry. Angry at myself, at my body, at the whole world. It is a super frustrating feeling. I work hard every week getting fit and pushing myself to work out, to strengthen myself and get fit but in the end my body/legs let me down yesterday.

After doing some research on the ‘net I realise I may be pushing myself to hard, So  for the rest of this week I will be toning down my workouts in prep for my upcoming 10km on Sunday. I need to stay hydrated, and stretch properly before and after my workouts to avoid getting further cramps and spasms. I also need to learn to perhaps not push myself too hard.

This is just the beginning of my fitness journey. I have never been fit before, so to expect my body to miraculously be fit in a matter of a few short months is a bit unrealistic.

What matters is that I keep going forward and keep working on getting fit, happy and healthy. I will get there eventually, and I want to get there so I need to keep my eye on the prize at the end.


Reaching goals!

This journey started at the beginning of this year with one goal in mind – to weigh less than my boyfriend. It started off with something as big as that, something I was so terribly ashamed of that I was pushed into either accepting that I was to forever be the fatty girlfriend or to actually get up off the couch and doing something about it.

As it turns out the weight is actually not the issue – the way I felt about me was. I lost a lot of confidence when I started picking up weight, and it affected my mood and stress levels too. I just gave up at one point. But all that has changed. This year marks the first time ever in my life where I have set a goal regarding my weight and actually achieved it realistically.

I stopped weighing myself every week, as long as I worked out atleast 3 times a week I was happy and proud of myself. I set mini goals for myself every time I am at the gym – to work out as hard as possible, push myself to try new routines, run faster etc.

I have controlled my portions (not eating the same size as my boyfriend!) but I haven’t drastically changed my diet, to be honest my diet was never completely unhealthy.

The big thing for me personally was that I started running, and more than that I started entering races in advance and committing to it. Spending money on entering meant that I knew I had to run, and i knew I wanted to keep improving on my times, so I had to train hard to achieve my personal best time.

Over and above everything, I started enjoying working out and running. I started feeling happy and more confident again. I found myself, a new and improved version of the Megan I had never met before (and I really like her!), and I started to see results which has driven the process forward!

So have a look at my goals below… what started off as one goal has now expanded, I challenge myself every day to reach these goals and after achieving the first few, I know I am capable of achieving these goals.

The best part of this week is that I weighed myself for the first time since may and I have lost 5kg’s, I am now officially NOT the fatty girlfriend! I weigh less than my man and I am on to the next goal!  So watch this space!