Les Mills Bodypump, new in SA!

I have started a new training program, which is exclusive to Planet Fitness clubs nationwide in South Africa, its called Les Mills Bodypump.

Les Mills is the series of cutting-edge fitness programs that everyone is talking about across 80 countries and 15000 health clubs. The Les Mills Bodypump class is a barbell class that sculpts, tones and strengthens the entire body. Its a 60-minute moderate to high intensity class that burns on average 560 calories! I find that this class is great to tone and work all your major muscle groups by using exercises like squats, presses,lunges, lifts and curls.

I find that because I am still learning about weight training, that this class educates beginners with the proper form and the best way to do correct workouts with weights.  An added bonus is that the music is all current and cool, with it pumping loud in the studio it allows you to be distracted and keeps you pushing through the exercises! Once you have been to a few of the classes, you start feeling and looking like a pro in weight training!

Check out some cool stats on this hot new class:

I highly recommend trying out this class. Its available at select Planet Fitness clubs nationwide. For more info check out this link.