Reflections on the past year

This year has been amazing on so many different levels. I am so grateful for everything I have done, seen, and experienced this passed year. But most of all I am so happy I stuck to it on my mission to get fit happy and healthy. I have made huge progress on all three goals.

Take a look at all the races I have entered and completed Since May this year!

WOW! Thats a whopping total of 78KM I have run, not mention all the training KM’s I have gotten in.

The weird thing about getting fit is that it has also made me feel happy which I never thought was possible. For 30 years I have always claimed that I am not a gym nut, that exercise and working-out is just not for me. This year has taught me that I actually thrive on working out. I love running! I love that once I set a goal in terms of fitness, that its the most fulfilling feeling to finally achieve it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a long way to go. I would like to lose more weight, tone up, run 21KM, and learn about eating better but these are all goals for next year and I am sure I will reach them all in good time.

Most of you are using this time now to think about what your goals for next year will be, or thinking about what your goals were for this year. Don’t lose faith if you haven’t reached all of your goals. As long as you are working towards them even in the smallest of steps… you are making progress. Next year is yours for the taking!

Wishing you all a great christmas with Family and Friends! and here is to an even better 2014. Looking forward to sharing my progress with you in the new year!