Are you sticking to your New Year Resolutions??

It’s usually so easy in January to plan what you aim to do better for the whole year. You feel motivated, inspired by the “fresh start” of a new year however by the end of the first month, life generally has taken over, and you simply forget to persevere with your resolutions.

The word resolution can be defined as below:

This makes new year resolutions even more odd, “firm determination”? Really? This is the year you change ALL your bad habits in ONE go? How can that really be? It’s like you are setting yourself up for failure before you even start.

I never was one for resolutions, they never worked, I usually forgot what they were before I even attempted to complete them and if I did remember them I just felt yuck that I hadn’t done what I told myself and anyone who listened to me rant about the fact that this was the year I was going to be a size 8, and stop saying “Um” so much… then be genuinely surprised when it never miraculously happened.

But then I met my man, who is by all accounts – organised and very goal-orientated. He is the man with plan and who sets yearly goals (be it personal, work related or what ever) and who then reviews these goals at the end of the year and ticks off everything he has completed. And he generally completes all his goals – even the big ones like running comrades, getting a personal best at the 94.7, and so on. This inspired me to set goals for myself. I wanted to prove to him and more to myself that I too can set and reach my goals if I put my mind to it. And so, for the first time in my 32 years of existence, last year was the first year I can honestly say I set goals and slowly I achieved them.

I was so chuffed with my achievements last year I decided to set more for this year! So here are my GOALS for 2014 (and in no particular order):

1. Run 15km race
2. Run 21km race
3. Lose 10kgs
4. Complete the 100 happy days challenge (blog post to follow about this!)
5. Stress less about the small stuff I cannot change
6. Get Financially Healthy!
7. Plan more trips with just my man! ❤

I refrain from calling them resolutions, although I more committed than ever to achieve these goals. I aim to achieve these goals this year or the next (however long it takes) through hard work and persistence. Watch this space as I reach for these goals!