#100HappyDays: Challenge Accepted

So I started the #100happydays challenge on the 14th of Jan this year. I saw it go viral amongst my friends and thought it was a really great challenge.

How many of us focus on how bad Mondays are, how work is so tiring, how the weekend went by too fast? Too often we focus on the bad elements of the day and not that one little thing during the day that made you smile. Putting a challenge to it has made me look for the positive in every day.

I have noticed that my first happy thoughts are around food. Erm… well ya, that needs some work. Surely food can’t be the happiest thing every day?? It just seemed like it was the easiest thing to remember about my day, so I am making a conscious effort to avoiding posting about food too much.

More and more this year I have been positive about my days and weeks and about my life in general. I am actually starting to see how lucky I really am. I am in good health, have a lovely family, have an awesome boyfriend, and we just added to our little family with a little Pug named Jack. I have a great life.

I am not saying that this challenge fixes all and really a lot of people have criticized others about the fact that why would you need a challenge to be happy? But that’s not really what I have gotten from it. This challenge has made me more aware about how happy I really truly am and that my life is not all doom and gloom, that I am not always as sad as I think I am. And for that I am thankful.

I challenge you to seek out the happiness in your life, and follow me along my journey here.