Friday Inspiration!

OK so recapping this past week:

Monday: back/shoulder workout with a buddy

Tuesday: cried with pain, could not move my arms

Wednesday: still unable to move my arms but I ran 4.2km with the man, followed by a walk with Jack.

Thursday: Les Mills Bodypump class – eish, arms were tender but felt a lot better knowing i could move them again.

Friday: Today, day of rest, walking Jack later after work

This weekend I need to get a minimum of an 8km in to prepare for next week’s race! But you see what I did this week? I met my goals, and I surpassed them! I trained out 3 times, and still 1 more to go! HELL YEA!

ImageIf that’s not motivation, do yourself a favour and check out this website. Which makes me think (also have a little cry), what should I try do for 100 days straight? (obviously in theme of my blog – it has to be fitness related)… any ideas?

And who is with me for the 30 day ab challenge???


On the Road again

Well I did it! I went for a run, something I haven’t done in months! And it was great but terrible at the same time.

It was great to be out there running again, and even though I was moving the whole time, my pace was shocking – no like seriously, a herd of turtles could move faster than I was. See below, my time was over 9min a km! say WHAT?!

PhotoGrid_1401294866462I am hoping that it will be a lot like riding a bicycle and the more I keep running, my time will improve. After the run, Rob and I took Jack for a walk in the park – love that pug! 🙂

I have signed up for my first 10km race since Feb, its next week Saturday – hopefully I will be ready for it. My personal best for a 10km has been 1hr 16min, which I did last year August. I am not putting pressure on myself to do a PB next weekend, but I would really like to do it under 9min a Km.

I guess the thing I need to remember is that the most important thing is that I ran. I set a goal to run this week and I did it. And even though I have slipped into a speed that could possibly be classified as walking in some circles – the fact is I am starting over and I am reaching my goals – one day at a time.


Become someones virtual buddy!

Sometimes we all need someone to meet us at the gym to make sure we actually work out. Knowing someone is relying on you and waiting for you, you are more than likely going to keep to your goals. I love working out with my boyfriend. He pushes me to workout and run faster and makes working out fun. But sometimes he works late or cant make it to gym and so I usually use it as an excuse to not work out either.

That’s when a virtual buddy comes in handy! Two friends recently have approached me, completely unrelated to each other, asking if I wanted to be their virtual buddy. What is a virtual buddy? Well I have two different types – lucky me! Let me explain what kind of virtual buddies I have:

One friend lives in Cape Town is my eating healthy virtual buddy. We keep each honest and in check on when we eat crap or when we have bad food cravings. So far its going really well and we are both motivated to keep a healthy eating lifestyle. Of course we have both fallen off the wagon once or twice but as long as you honest with each other, then you pick yourself back up and start again.

My other friend lives in Johannesburg but a bit further away from me so its not always easy to meet up. We often book races together because we both love to run, so its great meeting her at the start line of a race and running together but we never get chance to meet up during the week or weekends to run socially. So we have become virtual running/workout buddies. We are going to set our own goals each week. I already blogged about mine, and she has told me hers, now we just need to keep in touch and make sure we stick to the goals we have set.

The way I see it is having a person in real life  sitting next to you is always going to be first prize. Meeting someone at the gym or living with someone who is aware you are trying to eat healthy is always going to be more motivating.  But a virtual buddy can work for you too, but you have to follow some guidelines to really get the best value out of a virtual buddy:

1. Be honest


2. Set realistic goals

3. Communicate your goals to your VB. They can be different or the same as each other – just stick to them!

4. Feedback. This goes back to being honest, but let your buddy know when you have stuck to a goal or broken a rule.

5. Be kind to each other. Sometimes you will slip but having someone who is encouraging and positive will help you get back on track faster than someone who puts you down.

Are you someones virtual buddy? What works for you?

Training with a Personal Trainer

Happy Monday!

Today I got up early to head to the gym for a 7am BodyPump class only to find out that the class had changed for the new week. What a bummer. But as I was walking out the gym I bumped into a friend of mine who works in the gym industry, she is actually a Les Mills Trainer as well as national product manager. She is pretty hard core when it comes to training, super fit, and she knows her stuff. Anyway, she told me to join her with her back/shoulder workout. Since I got up early I thought why not – and boy did we work out! I may battle to lift my arms tomorrow!

ImageThis got me thinking about the benefits of having a personal trainer. I have had a PT in the past and it really helps to keep you motivated and also, knowing you are going to meet someone at the gym who knows what you need to do, pushes you to do it, and pushes you to reach your goals – you see the results fast. The thing i noticed most today was someone showing me correct technique. I am pretty familiar as to what machines I should be using for certain muscle groups but having someone telling you to sit up straight, pinch here, pull this way – it really makes a difference. I can feel the difference.


So, do you have a PT, or do you train with someone? How is your workout going?

A comment that someone left me…

This is all to true, so many of us do it. Some without thinking and some say it to make themselves feel better. It’s just crazy. What would life be like if just lived with balance and not guilt about an indulgence every now and then?

This is Jane by the way, she was my trainer when I lived in Durban. Trust me when I say she looks fab, works you like a demon with a sweet smile and a naughty giggle. Plus she is like me and loves a good cupcake. She really is my inspiration, so thankful for her blog and this post in particular.

Happy weekend everyone! Go on, live a little! X

GI Jane SA

This week I was reminded that we are not all robots and being super strict is not for everyone. I promote healthy eating with a cheat meal a week. Some trainers don’t. They say you should give up cold turkey and not have it, at all. Now I understand that when someone is obese or morbidly obese that it is important for them to not be eating sugar, but when someone is trying to lose 5-10kgs and you tell them they cannot have ANY treat, they will cave and end up binge eating. This is if course what you don’t want to happen. They will then get upset with themselves, which causes them to comfort eat even more! A friend of mine commented on the post we did with what’s on our plate, and she said thanks for not making her feel guilty. I think there are lots of trainers…

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