A Fresh New Start

Following my very open confession last week in my last post, I decided I needed to make some active changes to my life.

First off, a friend at work asked me to go to gym with her last week and i said YES. So I am getting back in the gym, tick!

The second thing I did to get this new start is move over to WordPress. I was getting a bit frustrated with limited functionality of Blogger, so hence the move to WordPress made sense. Just a quick Google search on how to move across and shazaam! I am here. Hopefully to stay.

To all the new followers, a recap of what I am about…

Around this time last year I started this blog to vocalize all my thoughts and feelings about myself and my mission – which was and still is, to get fit, happy and healthy. This is my journey, and so my opinion. I hope you find my posts refreshing, genuine and inspiring as this what I hope to achieve. I am a very average gal, just trying to find herself in this whole process.

So yes, this is my journey, I do hope you follow it.


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