Fitness is a Battle

So I have my new goals set and I have the look of a determined woman.

imgLesMills Welcome to the front line

My boyfriend often says once I have put my mind on something I am determined until I achieve it. OK so technically I slipped a bit, but I am determined to get back on track!

Today I am going to a Les Mills BodyPump class. I really love BodyPump, in fact, since it arrived in SA I have been a bit obsessed. I love that it teaches you how to weight train (for beginners), it also is so vibey with great music that it makes all the squats and lunges a bit easier.

So I am off to gym this afternoon to do this class, what did you do today to work out?

body pump photo


2 thoughts on “Fitness is a Battle

  1. Janelle says:

    Good on you Megs! I also slipped last year in my fitness goals and put back on half the weight I lost. So, starting again. But, this time I’ve decided to take it easy on myself – life took over and I simply gave up and instead of taking just a small step back I stopped altogether. This time I’m going to be kinder to myself when I stumble… Good luck 🙂 Will be following your journey as it’s very similar to mine!


    • Thanks Jan, ya, I think we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. The main thing is that we try, baby steps… Good Luck! and thanks for following, hopefully we can motivate each other! 🙂


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