A comment that someone left me…

This is all to true, so many of us do it. Some without thinking and some say it to make themselves feel better. It’s just crazy. What would life be like if just lived with balance and not guilt about an indulgence every now and then?

This is Jane by the way, she was my trainer when I lived in Durban. Trust me when I say she looks fab, works you like a demon with a sweet smile and a naughty giggle. Plus she is like me and loves a good cupcake. She really is my inspiration, so thankful for her blog and this post in particular.

Happy weekend everyone! Go on, live a little! X

GI Jane SA

This week I was reminded that we are not all robots and being super strict is not for everyone. I promote healthy eating with a cheat meal a week. Some trainers don’t. They say you should give up cold turkey and not have it, at all. Now I understand that when someone is obese or morbidly obese that it is important for them to not be eating sugar, but when someone is trying to lose 5-10kgs and you tell them they cannot have ANY treat, they will cave and end up binge eating. This is if course what you don’t want to happen. They will then get upset with themselves, which causes them to comfort eat even more! A friend of mine commented on the post we did with what’s on our plate, and she said thanks for not making her feel guilty. I think there are lots of trainers…

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