Training with a Personal Trainer

Happy Monday!

Today I got up early to head to the gym for a 7am BodyPump class only to find out that the class had changed for the new week. What a bummer. But as I was walking out the gym I bumped into a friend of mine who works in the gym industry, she is actually a Les Mills Trainer as well as national product manager. She is pretty hard core when it comes to training, super fit, and she knows her stuff. Anyway, she told me to join her with her back/shoulder workout. Since I got up early I thought why not – and boy did we work out! I may battle to lift my arms tomorrow!

ImageThis got me thinking about the benefits of having a personal trainer. I have had a PT in the past and it really helps to keep you motivated and also, knowing you are going to meet someone at the gym who knows what you need to do, pushes you to do it, and pushes you to reach your goals – you see the results fast. The thing i noticed most today was someone showing me correct technique. I am pretty familiar as to what machines I should be using for certain muscle groups but having someone telling you to sit up straight, pinch here, pull this way – it really makes a difference. I can feel the difference.


So, do you have a PT, or do you train with someone? How is your workout going?


5 thoughts on “Training with a Personal Trainer

  1. So proud of you meg! You’ve got it in you, you just need to find that spark again and then you run with it! Bootcamp next time I’m up. And a body balance class for sure! Keep at it gorgeous girl xx


  2. Megan says:

    I am currently with a personal trainer and it’s great. Definitely keeps you motivated and on a good schedule. Although, just need to watch my eating otherwise seeing results will be more difficult to come by….30% exercise….70% what you eat!


    • Awesome Meg. That’s very true, I am still trying to get my diet in check – especially with it being winter here! But that is for another post. PS love your name 🙂


  3. I have used and been a PT. I’m still a Pilates Instructor. I do agree that having a PT is motivating, depending on your mindset, and perhaps the trainer. I’m not very good at motivating others on a one on one basis. But I do enjoy a group format.


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