Become someones virtual buddy!

Sometimes we all need someone to meet us at the gym to make sure we actually work out. Knowing someone is relying on you and waiting for you, you are more than likely going to keep to your goals. I love working out with my boyfriend. He pushes me to workout and run faster and makes working out fun. But sometimes he works late or cant make it to gym and so I usually use it as an excuse to not work out either.

That’s when a virtual buddy comes in handy! Two friends recently have approached me, completely unrelated to each other, asking if I wanted to be their virtual buddy. What is a virtual buddy? Well I have two different types – lucky me! Let me explain what kind of virtual buddies I have:

One friend lives in Cape Town is my eating healthy virtual buddy. We keep each honest and in check on when we eat crap or when we have bad food cravings. So far its going really well and we are both motivated to keep a healthy eating lifestyle. Of course we have both fallen off the wagon once or twice but as long as you honest with each other, then you pick yourself back up and start again.

My other friend lives in Johannesburg but a bit further away from me so its not always easy to meet up. We often book races together because we both love to run, so its great meeting her at the start line of a race and running together but we never get chance to meet up during the week or weekends to run socially. So we have become virtual running/workout buddies. We are going to set our own goals each week. I already blogged about mine, and she has told me hers, now we just need to keep in touch and make sure we stick to the goals we have set.

The way I see it is having a person in real life  sitting next to you is always going to be first prize. Meeting someone at the gym or living with someone who is aware you are trying to eat healthy is always going to be more motivating.  But a virtual buddy can work for you too, but you have to follow some guidelines to really get the best value out of a virtual buddy:

1. Be honest


2. Set realistic goals

3. Communicate your goals to your VB. They can be different or the same as each other – just stick to them!

4. Feedback. This goes back to being honest, but let your buddy know when you have stuck to a goal or broken a rule.

5. Be kind to each other. Sometimes you will slip but having someone who is encouraging and positive will help you get back on track faster than someone who puts you down.

Are you someones virtual buddy? What works for you?


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