On the Road again

Well I did it! I went for a run, something I haven’t done in months! And it was great but terrible at the same time.

It was great to be out there running again, and even though I was moving the whole time, my pace was shocking – no like seriously, a herd of turtles could move faster than I was. See below, my time was over 9min a km! say WHAT?!

PhotoGrid_1401294866462I am hoping that it will be a lot like riding a bicycle and the more I keep running, my time will improve. After the run, Rob and I took Jack for a walk in the park – love that pug! 🙂

I have signed up for my first 10km race since Feb, its next week Saturday – hopefully I will be ready for it. My personal best for a 10km has been 1hr 16min, which I did last year August. I am not putting pressure on myself to do a PB next weekend, but I would really like to do it under 9min a Km.

I guess the thing I need to remember is that the most important thing is that I ran. I set a goal to run this week and I did it. And even though I have slipped into a speed that could possibly be classified as walking in some circles – the fact is I am starting over and I am reaching my goals – one day at a time.



3 thoughts on “On the Road again

  1. Well done Megs! I’m super slow too…just starting out again…I love the Saturday morning 5km park runs – I am currently taking about 40mins to do that so also super slow – best was 32/33 down in CT last August and about 34/35 in JHB…then I hurt my back..but starting slowly again 🙂 If you wanna come do the Bryanston one with me u are more than welcome! Otherwise I’m sure there’s one close to where you live – they are SO vibey and nice – some people take their dogs too. There’s walkers, fast runners, slow runners…it’s the best 🙂 If you dont know about it – go check out http://www.parkrun.co.za – sign up, download your free barcode and off you go! It’s also at a reasonable hour in winter – 8am 😉 xx


    • Thanks Sar! Rob keeps saying we need to do one, I think the Delta Parkrun is closest to us but I know Rob’s sister does the one in Woodmead and even won a pair of shoes! Definitely think it will help with my training, Zootrot is also another cool run to run, if you can brave 7am on a winters morning! 🙂


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