Friday Inspiration!

OK so recapping this past week:

Monday: back/shoulder workout with a buddy

Tuesday: cried with pain, could not move my arms

Wednesday: still unable to move my arms but I ran 4.2km with the man, followed by a walk with Jack.

Thursday: Les Mills Bodypump class – eish, arms were tender but felt a lot better knowing i could move them again.

Friday: Today, day of rest, walking Jack later after work

This weekend I need to get a minimum of an 8km in to prepare for next week’s race! But you see what I did this week? I met my goals, and I surpassed them! I trained out 3 times, and still 1 more to go! HELL YEA!

ImageIf that’s not motivation, do yourself a favour and check out this website. Which makes me think (also have a little cry), what should I try do for 100 days straight? (obviously in theme of my blog – it has to be fitness related)… any ideas?

And who is with me for the 30 day ab challenge???


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