Goals for July

I don’t wanna bore Ya’ll with my weekly updates, so with the new month starting tomorrow, I bring you….. MEG’s MONTHLY GOALS.

healthy-foods-exercise-happy monster

“Meg the Happy Healthy Monster”

Get Fit Training schedule looks like this:

  • At least 4 workout sessions a week – Body pump, Runs, Races, Super circuit, Gym, anything that gets me sweaty and losing weight, toning and getting FIT!
  • I have two races planned for this month – Pirates 10km and the Kaya FM 67km Relay for Mandela Day (just doing 6.7km)

Get Happy Goals:

  • I will be carrying on with my YOU Challenge each week for July.
  • I want to try and plan to see friends more often – have more braai’s and dinners.
  • Photography
  • Craft projects around the house – thanks to pinterest I have plenty!

Get Healthy Goals:

  • Keep trying new healthy recipes
  • Cutting out/ limiting the bad food
  • Drink 4 x 750ml water a day
  • Pack a  healthy Lunch with Protein Shake for work each day
  • No Starch meals for dinner at least 3 times a week

What are your goals for July?


How did the week’s goals go?

This week  was a good week!

create your future, goals motivation
MONDAY: I went to gym, and did the super circuit, So super right? My calves ached for the rest of the week from all the stairs!
TUESDAY:I tried a new no starch recipe, Skinny Citrus Chicken – totally YUM!
WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday I posted about my YOU challenge; went for a morning run and evening walk – both added up to 4km. I have a 2km route that I am trying to time myself and improve my overall pace per KM, but I had sore calves and cramped half way. Meh, at least I did it right!? In the afternoon I took Jack for a walk/run for 2km’s… still had sore legs but it was nice to get out a bit with my pup. 🙂
THURSDAY: I went to my bodypump class on Thursday eve as planned. Made no bake Granola Bites – totally yum, and no refined sugar!
FRIDAY: was suppose to be a rest day 🙂 but we woke up early, couldn’t sleep, so we took Jack and ran the 2km route. I think some parts of the route I was holding Jack back, that pug can run!!

SATURDAY: Rob and I planned to run the 5km Delta parkrun. But I didn’t sleep well, coughing and ended up getting a massive headache, so we skipped the run. We went to Builders Warehouse and got all sorts of stuff for the house and my diy projects. Then we had lunch with Rob’s family and went to the civic center in town and watched an incredible show – a must see!
SUNDAY: Woke up at 5.30am and ran a massive 12km run, which was mostly hills, we ran all the up to Northcliff tower. We saw the sunrise and immediately made my weekend that much better!
Aside from laundry Sunday, we went for lunch and doggie meet up with Rob’s Family too, Jack just loves his cousin Max!

This week I kept up with my protein shake as a snack in the afternoons, before I work out, also drinking lots of water (atleast 4 x 750.ml bottles a day).

So all in all a good week! So how did your week go?

New Recipe: No Bake Granola Bites

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to bake. I love being in the kitchen and I love trying new recipes. When I was  kid (and sometime still do) I talk to myself while I am making a meal or pudding as if I am on my own Talk show… “And now we are going to add the milk” – Yup, I told ya, I am a tad weird!

Anyhow, I found this recipe through a blog I follow, and decided it seemed like a healthier alternative to my standard Oats Cookies (which are so yummy but packed with so much sugar and butter… so good tho!).

I used raisins instead of craisins. I am sure you could probably find craisins in SA, but they would probably  be ridiculously expensive!

Right so its a pretty simply recipe, you add all the ingredients into a bowl.

no bake granola bites

Then mix it all up, I used my hands – so much easier but a little messy (*licks fingers after*)

no bake granola bitesThen form into balls. I made 20 balls but I think I could have made them a bit smaller because they are super rich and yummy that I bite is all you need (mine were like 3 bites worth!)

no bake granola bitesHave you tried any healthier options for sweet treats? If you have please share!


New Recipe: Skinny Citrus Chicken

So I was given a heap of lemons from a friend who has a lemon tree, so I found this lovely recipe on the net, at my good old faithful healthy recipe website :). And made this last night, it turned out great! Rob was in love with the sauce! We had it with some roast veg – Yum!

Try the recipe here.

skinny citrus chicken



The YOU Challenge – 8 Fears

OK, this is  a toughy, I don’t like thinking about these things, because well I am genuinely terrified of them to the point where I can’t breathe! EEK.


My 8 Fears:

  1. Before I met Rob I was convinced I was going to die alone with a house full of cats. My great fear (before Rob) was that no one would love me for me.                                                                     tumblr_mc08aus9xk1qeezuq
  2. Mayonnaise. Seriously. I cannot eat that stuff, and when I know its in food I freak out and then I feel bad that I am such a fussy eater.
  3. Heights. OK we covered this already – but seriously, I. can.not.breathe. at the thought of high heights. Sky Diving is definitely NOT on my bucket list.
  4. Death. OK this is a biggie. I am terrified of dying. To the point where I sometimes can’t go to sleep at night because I worry I will die, get old and die, someone in my family will die. Eh. Terrifying. Perhaps I over think stuff too much?Quotes About Moving On 0243-245 (Quotes About Death) (6)
  5. Frogs, Geckos, Lizzards, Reptiles in general. I  can handle spiders but a frog can jump at you (or worse fall on your head, true story it happened to me!) or gecko’s lose their balance and fall off walls… AH!
  6. Debt. This crazy because we all have it, and its impossible to stay away from completely. But I am a worrier, as this post can attest to, so I worry about having crazy amounts of debt. FYI owning your own house – Terrifying. Exciting and fun but still terrifying.
  7. Letting people down. When I was a kid and still now I worry my parents aren’t proud of me. Its crazy because they tell me all the time. But it is my greatest fear that I will let down someone I love.
  8. Toes and feet. Seriously, it grosses me out. I hate my own feet, and worse other people touching me with their feet (Rob, that’s you!) – Gross. Just Gross!

So those are my fears, I am working on overcoming some of them. What do you fear the most?




Monday Motivation

Happy Monday, World!

All you need is a Monday, Make it HappenLets make some goals for this week:

Get Fit Training schedule looks like this:

  • 1 x Gym Session (Monday)
  • 2 x BodyPump (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • 1 x Morning Run (Wednesday)
  • 1 x 5km ParkRun (Saturday)
  • 5 x Pushups a day

Get Happy Goals:

  1. Continuing with the YOU challenge, look out for my 8 fears coming out on Wednesday.
  2. Going to a show with Rob’s Parents on the weekend. I absolutely love the ballet, plays, shows – live entertainment!
  3. I have a few things I want to paint for the house – I will post some pics – time to getting crafty!

Get Healthy Goals:

  1. Trying new healthy recipes
  2. Cutting out/ limiting the bad food
  3. Drink 4 x 750ml water a day
  4. Pack a  healthy Lunch with Protein Shake for work each day
  5. No Starch meals for dinner at least 3 times a week

What are your goals this week? Do you write down your goals?

how to achieve your goals