But Baby it’s cold outside!

So I am all set to run tomorrow. I just need to pick up my race number after work today. Got this text this morning:

IMG-20140606-WA0001But guys,  on a very serious note, its flipping freezing here today – it was minus 1 this morning! EEK! OK so I know my followers overseas are going “Is she for real, that ain’t cold sista!” But really most South Africans are not built for winter (including me). Our houses don’t have central heating, and well, we are just big sissies when it comes to cold weather because in most areas it doesn’t get THAT cold often, we are just spoilt I guess!

So the cold front is set to continue into the weekend (side note: why is it that its great weather for work during the week and crap on the weekend??). So this will make the start of my race VERY interesting. I will have to dress appropriately, but the problem comes in that when I start running I warm up quick; and half way through the race the sun will be shining and life will be happy again! How do you winter folk deal with running in the elements?

I saw this quote and realised that maybe I need to put my big girl panties on and get out there and RUN!



4 thoughts on “But Baby it’s cold outside!

    • I know right!? We are only known for our great weather – but in some areas there is snow! Thankfully not near me, but its still COLD. I really shouldn’t complain, we have 2/3months of winter, and the rest is all sunshine 🙂 Enjoy your sunshine, Lucky Gal! X


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