How did this week go?

So at the beginning of this week I set some goals, and I am happy to report – I EXCEEDED most of them. Yay! Here is a recap of what my goals for June are. Now let’s take a look at how my week turned out:

  • Monday: Boxing session for 45min; day 2 30day ab challenge, and 1 push up!
  • Tuesday: 8km run; day 3 30day ab challenge, and 2 push ups!
  • Wednesday: Hill training – ran 2.8km; it was rest day for the 30day ab challenge and 3 push ups!
  • Thursday: day 5 30day ab challenge, and 3 push ups!
  • Friday: day 6 30day ab challenge, and 3 push ups!
  • Saturday: ran my first 10km race! BOOM! plus my day 7 30day ab challenge, and 3 push ups!
  • Sunday (today): day 8 30day ab challenge, and now FOUR push ups!

So I did the 30day ab challenge, increased my push ups per day; ran 20.8km; had 3 dinners without starch. The only thing that was missing was my weight training, but with the race I made a decision to lay off the weights and save my legs for the run. Next week I will get back on track with weight training, we also need to have a heart to heart about my Get Happy goal, something I have been neglecting lately.

imagesWhat matters is that this week I stuck to my goals, and I did my very best! How did your week go?


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