Monday Motivation

life-quotes-07This really resonates with me this week. And perfect Monday motivation! Let go and move forward! Here is what I have planned for this week:

  1. Get some weight training in – this is key for runner peeps! Get it in!
  2. Run at least 10km
  3. Continue with my pushups – lets try get 5 a day in!
  4. Continue with the 30day ab Challenge, there is still a chance to join in – DO IT!
  5. Continue to limit carbs/no starch for 3 dinners a week, some exciting recipes to share with you this week 🙂

This week I have taken some leave off work – Thursday and Friday, and the following Monday is a public holiday so I have a mini break of sleeping in, cuddles with Jack and Rob, TV watching and just general loving each other. I know Rob will want to get stuck into the garden, he is on a mission with getting our garden in tip top shape! I am looking forward to just relaxing and chilling out.

So how is your week looking? What plans do you have?


5 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. Jen says:

    I love that quote Meg! Sounds like a good week. I really want to get some Hip Hop Abs/Pilates workouts in this week if I can! I am just getting over a cold though, yuck!


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