Down with the sickness

So then I got sick. meh. I did my abs and push ups yesterday and honestly felt like I was going to pass out afterwards. Perhaps not the best idea to push your body when it clearly wants none of that.

Getting sick the week I have a holiday break planned, great just great, and it would be the week when I was going to up my working out and fitness.

I really hate feeling sick and am feeling massively sorry for myself. So I am off to the chemist to get some meds.


I hope you are feeling better than me today?



3 thoughts on “Down with the sickness

  1. Jen says:

    I had a cold recently, got it from Chris! And looking after Emily was not fun, I felt so awful as I didn’t want to chat with her or play with her, I just wanted to lie under the covers… but I couldn’t! It was pretty tough but I am better now and she didn’t catch it which is good. Hope you are feeling better by now xxx


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