Shrug it off and start again

So this past week was a write off. A fail. A massive let down.
I got sick, so Monday to Wednesday I stopped working out, and well, I started eating bad. Then Thursday we went on holiday, we just stayed at home and just relaxed. I was tired from being under the weather most of the week that I just slept alot and relaxed. I told myself my body just needed recover, although I really was tired and sick, I may have over used it as an excuse to miss my goals.
As a result I stopped my push ups and abs challenge, I only ran (more like walked) 4.6km, I had 2 dinners with no starch. The rest of my meals, well, they were bad dinners and bad meals all round. No working out and just general sloth behaviour.
I felt it important  to let you guys know all of this, this blog is all about me staying true to myself and my journey. So this week it’s time to step up my game, get back on track and remember it’s all a process, its a journey. Although I stumble, I will get back up.


How did your week go?


8 thoughts on “Shrug it off and start again

  1. Jen says:

    Everyone has off days or moments… it’s part of being human 🙂 The most important thing is to pick yourself up and keep going, and to recognise it as a small bump in the road towards your goals. Well done Megs, keep it up. You probably did just need a rest xxx


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