The YOU Challenge – 9 Loves

So following from 10 secrets/facts about me, the next is 9 loves. This is an easy one for me, I have so many loves, but here are my TOP 9:

1. My Rob, my love. He is my best friend, soulmate, light of my life. He makes everything better 🙂

387438_509045000672_1338992970_n2. Jack, our pugchild. That pug. He has stolen my heart.

10170926_10202038842348313_3827727030929312876_n3. My family. I have a crazy family! But I love them all! I don’t speak about my family often on my blog, but here is a bit about my crazy, loving family. My mum, she is my best friend. We speak almost every day. She knows all my secrets. She is a bitchin’ baker and the reason why I love to cook and bake. My dad, wow, he is the strongest person I know. He has a hearty laugh that is contagious and even though I get my stubborn nature from him, he is also the reason I know how to stand up for myself. My baby bro, my little brother – well he is taller than me – but still. He is an inspiration to me. He has achieved so much (way more than me) and well, we tight. And then last but not least (although she be tiny, she is fierce!) my bro’s nutty wife, my sista! She is so caring and thoughtful and continues to surprise me with thoughtful gestures and kind words – always at the right moments. She recently made me cry, in a good way, by asking me to be the godmother to my nephew.


And another plus about Rob, is he has an awesome family! I have a few pics, but I am missing a nice pic of Rob’s folks. Rob’s sister and I have heaps in common, she loves crafts, wine, cooking and running as much as I do. Her Hubby is by the far the funniest guy I know. He has the same sarcastic, witty sense of humor as myself, and he dislikes cats a bit more than I do. 🙂 Rob’s mum sends me messages after every post on my blog, always with words of encouragement. And its no secret that after meeting Rob’s dad for the first time I told my mum that if Rob grows up to be half the man his dad is, I have scored big time. He has the same passion for woodworking like my dad, is a runner (still running strong!), a quiet man who has a great smile.

IMG_00064. Food. Seriously, this whole post about 9 loves could be  all about food I love. Cheese, Chocolate, Pasta, Fillet Steak…. the list goes on. Yum. Now I am hungry.

5. Our House. We recently bought our first home. One of the main reasons we bought our home was for the garden (so that we could get Jack) but I really love our Porch. I love drinking wine, watching Jack and Rob run around like crazy from our porch.

6. Artwork. I love finding local talented artists; we have a few up in our house. Check out these two artists: Alex Hamilton and Hasie & the Robots

7. My running shoes. At the end of last year, Rob treated me by taking me to a running guy to check out my gant and running stride and see what shoes would be best for me. I was completely expecting just to find out. Rob ended up buying them for me.

8.Laughing. Making people laugh, laughing myself. Anything that makes me smile and giggle. A good belly chuckle! These crazy friends of mine make me laugh ALL the time. Love these girls!

155353_505313289052_7197922_n9. Traveling and exploring new places. Rob and I have the same view when it comes to travel. We want to do more of it. We want to go everywhere. We keep a list of local places as well as international places, and we are trying to hit everything and more on that list. We love exploring our city, and try go to a new place, new restaurant, new spot every month or so. Plus I love photography – woops that’s 10 loves!


What do you love?





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