Morning Run – up in at ’em!

So yesterday one of my fave bloggers that I follow/stalk wrote about doing a run in the morning. FYI, here is her post, she is fabulous, totally awesome, go follow her blog!

So this post got me thinking, hmmm… perhaps I too can be a morning runner?

Anyone who has known me longer than 5 minutes knows that I am NOT a morning person. I need/love/want my sleep. Sleep takes priority over everything else. And if i don’t have a minimum of 8hours a night best you run the opposite direction.

i-just-woke-up-26Naturally, my stubborn nature competed with my sleepy head and won the battle – I shall become a morning runner! Today we got up 5:45am and headed out for a run.

This is what 6am in Jozi looks like (and yes I wore leg warmers, gloves, head band and a fleece jacket – i looked like a right mess!)

wintermorningrunBut I loved it! No, really! It was awesome, quiet and peaceful till about just before 7am when cars were waking up and hitting the roads. I wanted to see the sun rise, but we sit behind a mountain, so it was hiding on the other side. Rob says he has a 12km route we can take that takes us up to the water tower where we can see the sun rise – so that’s scheduled for a weekend soon (I run too slowly for it to be a weekday morning run just yet).

So, run done for the day! and Bodypump scheduled for later this arvie (which will wake me up a bit later!)

What have you got planned for today? How is your week going?



6 thoughts on “Morning Run – up in at ’em!

    • It was awesome! I actually prefer running in winter too – you dont get so hot too quickly! definitely going to try get a run or two in the morning done a week! πŸ™‚


  1. I seriously need to become a morning runner because its just so stinking hot right now. But I’m already up at 5:30ish am for work. And I just can’t get up earlier. Seriously and on my days off well during the school year I get to take little man tot the bus stop and Saturday I’m at the gym for 8:00 Body Pump. Maybe one day but eight now I will fight the heat in the evenings. Funny its winter for you. I will need to learn Celsius degrees! keep it up!


    • OK you cannot run in the morning, any earlier than 5am and I am sure its classified as a night run! πŸ™‚ -1C is 30.2F — and with no central heating in our homes, its freezing!


      • Yes it is in my head anyway. But kudos to you for getting out when it’s that cold! I know this winter I spent a lot of time I the treadmill because I didn’t have the right clothes. It was unusually cold in Orlando last winter


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