Recap on Lonehill ParkRun

I committed to doing a parkrun this week, and today was my first. To signup for free, go to their website, it’s super easy to fill in an online form and get your barcode. You need this to log your time, as well as Discovery Vitality members get points back for doing this run! Ok so punt over (fyi im not sponsored by anyone, that would be nice wouldn’t it. Hint hint nudge nudge).

Right so here is the breakdown:

Distance: it’s was a 5km route around the park in Lonehill. All parkruns are 5km, they are in different areas in SA, free, and happen every Saturday at 8am.

Weather conditions: Slightly warmer than MTN, at a chilly 2C. There was frost on the grass and railings. Brrrr.


Parking/Traffic: Ample parking directly opposite the park, with Marshalls guiding the traffic, it was fairly painless getting in and out.

Event Organisation: This event is solely done on volunteers, really well organised, just the loudspeaker didn’t work so well so we couldn’t hear what the guy in the front was trying to say at the start of the race.


Water Stations: There were none, it being a 5km, free event I didn’t think it was necessary.

Marshalls: Since they are all volunteers, really great! There was one guy on the route telling you your estimated finish time which was highly motivating!

Medal: Nope, no medal, but I get Vitality points! 🙂

Vibe on the Route: This particular parkrun is a double lapper. So it means you get to face a mean hill 1.5km in and then again at 3km. Mean mean hill. Not much a vibe, it’s filled with a mix match of people, families, walkers, runners, fit and unfit. I think alot of people are regulars so perhaps an opportunity to fit in with the gang if you go frequently.

We actually went with a friend of Rob and Rob, the two of them raced on without me, I’m not in their league just yet and they finished in under 25minutes. I plodded along at my usual pace hoping for a sub 45 (I don’t run well off road, on trail routes) but I finished in under 40minutes! So there were happy faces all round!


We are very keen to try other parkrun, but will definitely be back to Lonehill again.

Have you done a parkrun? What runs would you recommend for the average runner to test out over the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Recap on Lonehill ParkRun

  1. Bo says:

    I still* haven’t tried any of the park runs. They’ve become so popular so I better check it out sometime. Looks cold though!! Brrrr


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