How did the week’s goals go?

Alot of people have commented on how I outline my goals each week, I think this pic below summarizes it quite nicely


You see setting weekly goals makes the overall dream, which for me is to get fit, happy, healthy, far more manageable.

This week I reached alot of my goals!
MONDAY: I tried cauliflower pizza, not so successfully, but still no starch for dinner.
TUESDAY:I went to the gym, ran 2.4km around the track.
WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday I posted about my YOU challenge.
THURSDAY: I got up early for my first ever non race, morning run, of 6.4km. I went to my bodypump class on Thursday eve as planned. We made a yummy steak and salad for dinner.
FRIDAY: was rest day 🙂
SATURDAY: Rob, myself and a friend did a 5km parkrun. We went for brunch with his folks afterwards. It was great to catch up with them,we had to go home at lunch time so I could do some work. We ate a yummy chicken salad for dinner.
SUNDAY: not sure about your Sundays, but it’s laundry day at our house. So done 6 loads of washing! We are having friends over for lunch in a little bit. We are having homemade build your own burgers, and taste testing Rob’s home brew. Yum!

This week I also added, having a protein shake as a snack in the afternoon, before I work out, also drinking a heap of water (atleast 5 x bottles a day). I’m back eating a healthy brekkie and packing my lunch. So eating is back on track. I have stopped the sit up challenge, unlike my mum who is totally rocking it still. I just feel I am working out in other ways, and abs are made in the kitchen too!

So how did your week go?


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