The YOU Challenge – 8 Fears

OK, this is  a toughy, I don’t like thinking about these things, because well I am genuinely terrified of them to the point where I can’t breathe! EEK.


My 8 Fears:

  1. Before I met Rob I was convinced I was going to die alone with a house full of cats. My great fear (before Rob) was that no one would love me for me.                                                                     tumblr_mc08aus9xk1qeezuq
  2. Mayonnaise. Seriously. I cannot eat that stuff, and when I know its in food I freak out and then I feel bad that I am such a fussy eater.
  3. Heights. OK we covered this already – but seriously, I. can.not.breathe. at the thought of high heights. Sky Diving is definitely NOT on my bucket list.
  4. Death. OK this is a biggie. I am terrified of dying. To the point where I sometimes can’t go to sleep at night because I worry I will die, get old and die, someone in my family will die. Eh. Terrifying. Perhaps I over think stuff too much?Quotes About Moving On 0243-245 (Quotes About Death) (6)
  5. Frogs, Geckos, Lizzards, Reptiles in general. I  can handle spiders but a frog can jump at you (or worse fall on your head, true story it happened to me!) or gecko’s lose their balance and fall off walls… AH!
  6. Debt. This crazy because we all have it, and its impossible to stay away from completely. But I am a worrier, as this post can attest to, so I worry about having crazy amounts of debt. FYI owning your own house – Terrifying. Exciting and fun but still terrifying.
  7. Letting people down. When I was a kid and still now I worry my parents aren’t proud of me. Its crazy because they tell me all the time. But it is my greatest fear that I will let down someone I love.
  8. Toes and feet. Seriously, it grosses me out. I hate my own feet, and worse other people touching me with their feet (Rob, that’s you!) – Gross. Just Gross!

So those are my fears, I am working on overcoming some of them. What do you fear the most?





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