New Recipe: No Bake Granola Bites

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to bake. I love being in the kitchen and I love trying new recipes. When I was  kid (and sometime still do) I talk to myself while I am making a meal or pudding as if I am on my own Talk show… “And now we are going to add the milk” – Yup, I told ya, I am a tad weird!

Anyhow, I found this recipe through a blog I follow, and decided it seemed like a healthier alternative to my standard Oats Cookies (which are so yummy but packed with so much sugar and butter… so good tho!).

I used raisins instead of craisins. I am sure you could probably find craisins in SA, but they would probably  be ridiculously expensive!

Right so its a pretty simply recipe, you add all the ingredients into a bowl.

no bake granola bites

Then mix it all up, I used my hands – so much easier but a little messy (*licks fingers after*)

no bake granola bitesThen form into balls. I made 20 balls but I think I could have made them a bit smaller because they are super rich and yummy that I bite is all you need (mine were like 3 bites worth!)

no bake granola bitesHave you tried any healthier options for sweet treats? If you have please share!



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